Crush the Talibans!


The writer Jan Guillou wants the swedish military to withdraw from Afghanistan. Well we all know to well that he´s opposing every effort to fight terrorism! At least thats the impression he submits to all of us! If he lived himself in Afghanistan, do u think he would want the Talibans to enforce Sharia. Maybe!

Lucky he didnt have any clout during WW2! The only thing those fkn pacifist are saying is: since we dont want anyone to interfere, let the villain win! Fkn idiots!

As some of u might have expected Im in full support of Swedish (and all other nations are wellcome as well!) in Afghanistan! And I dont want no fkn peace-mission! Just killém! All of the Talibans! Who the fuck cares? U cant train a mad dog anyway!

In my world democracy is better than Sharia-law! Waddya think?



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