Därför tror Breivik inte på demokratin!

Jag har klippt ur några citat ur manifestet där han framför radikala idéer. Jag vill återigen understryka att jag inte alls delar hans syn på lösning (våld). Däremot är hans samhällsbeskrivning intressant. Och vi har alla rätt att veta vad som drev honom till vansinnesdåden och vad han ville åstadkomma.

Jag citerar ur manifestet. (OBS valda delar, subjektivt)

sid 801: An increasing number of people will come to realise that a democratic victory in Europe is not possible. …… As soon as a government is elected which opposes the “EU’s Eurabia project/European multiculturalism” they are immediately and effectively neutralised.

Quick summary

 1.We are subject to cultural Marxist/multiculturalist institutionalised ideological coercion and brainwashing through government institutions. Private institutions are forced to conform to the same cultural Marxist/multiculturalist principles.

2. More or less every media organisation is propagating cultural Marxist/ multiculturalist principles. “Free press” in Western Europe does not exist. The mainstream media has been hijacked by cultural Marxists/multiculturalists and are not acting in the interest of Europeans and Europe. There is no freedom of speech in Europe. If you don’t cheer and embrace your own annihilation you are a racist bigot, an enemy of the establishment and must be suppressed, ridiculed, undermined and persecuted. This policy of oppression and persecution has been ongoing since the creation of multiculturalism in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Political, cultural and media elites are colluding against the interests of free indigenous Europeans.

3. The cultural Marxists/multiculturalists systematically import millions of voters which increases their political position from year to year. It is simply not possible to compete democratically with regimes who import millions of voters.

 4. Right wing political parties fight an up-hill battle and every single bill and suggestion is ultimately rejected. This leaves the cultural conservatives (anti-multiculturalist) parties in Western Europe with zero influence. As such, the right wing parties indirectly contribute to pacify the cultural conservatives of Europe by giving them false hope. Instead of telling their sympathisers to give them their vote they should admit to everyone and announce publicly that the democratical struggle has been lost and that all cultural conservatives should initiate armed resistance against the cultural Marxist/multiculturalist establishment.

802: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” John F. Kennedy

804: multiculturalism is an inversed form of Nazism where white European Christians ends up at the bottom of the food chain instead of on top.

The next decades we will deconstruct European identity, European traditions, European culture, European Christendom and European nation states. This is a long term project that will involve new waves of the colonisation of Europe by the Islamic world etc.

Humanism is systematically exploited as a smoke screen by the multiculturalists and Muslim lobbyists that has resulted in liberal family reunification and political asylum arrangements.

805: An estimate showing the opponents of cultural conservative doctrines (antinationalists):

Hardcore Marxists: 10% (hateful intentions)

Cultural Marxists: 20% (semi hateful intentions)

Suicidal Humanists/career cynicists: 65% (suicidally naive/egotistical)

Capitalist globalists: 5% (greed)

100% of the above support and propagate multiculturalism.

…they all believe they are doing the right thing, so they all have good intentions, at least according to themselves. But this can also be said about Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. They were all idealists in their own twisted way.


2 kommentarer (+lägga till din?)

  1. Stig Olsson
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 22:08:04

    Mycket intressant läsning!

    Och ännu intressantare blir det eftersom mycket av det han skrivit är något som många inom hela Europa är beredda att skriva under på redan idag!!!



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